The right team can make a massive difference to your business. Here’s our take on what you need to keep in mind while hiring for your business.

#1 A clear job description

Writing down a clear job description has multiple benefits

  • It will help you establish the need for a resource
  • It will provide you with clarity on what qualities and skillsets to look for while interviewing prospective candidates
  • It would also make interview discussions more meaningful as you would clearly outline role requirements and expectations to the interviewee.

#2 Finding Resumes

While putting up an advertisement on a job portal and LinkedIn is a popular way to source prospective candidate profiles, don’t rule out employee referrals. Existing employees would be able to provide relevant resumes as per company culture and be vested in ensuring that the candidate stays with the organisation. Introducing a small monetary benefit for successful referrals could prove relatively cost-effective. Also, be open to hiring employees who were previously working for you.

#3 Conduct the interview professionally

Professionalism while conducting the interview will improve the chances of successful candidates accepting your offer. Be punctual and formally dressed. Study the resume in advance and prepare a rough questioning framework. Also, be sure to ask questions about any discrepancies you may have spotted in the resume. Refrain from asking personal questions on marital status, children, age, and family background. Also, be sure to politely and promptly inform unsuccessful candidates of their application not progressing any further.

#4 Gauge skill set, motivation & attitude 

In addition to gathering information around technical skillsets, try to gauge how passionate the candidate is about his/her line of work. Gauge if the person is likely to be a good cultural fit for your team. Also, assess if the role is likely to fulfil the candidate’s career aspirations.

#5 Don’t compromise on reference checks

Along with doing basic research about the candidate through their social media presence, do your research on provided references. Don’t skip reference checks to speed up the hiring process. Also, gauge feedback in accordance with the referrer’s professional experience.

#6 Offer non-monetary benefits

To compete with larger employers, small businesses often offer perks that more prominent organisations don’t. During the interview, do highlight non-monetary benefits like a broader and more hands-on role. Other examples could include on-site parking, flexibility, career advancement opportunities etc.

#7 Be prepared for your offer to be rejected

As mentioned earlier, the way you conduct the interview can greatly impact the candidate accepting your offer. However, don’t count on acceptance. Despite a good interview and an exciting role, it is quite likely that your preferred candidate may receive a bigger pay packet from a more established brand that you may not be able to match.

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