The mortgage landscape is dynamic, and any successful mortgage broker would agree that staying updated on the latest industry best practices and developments is crucial for career progress and overall business health. Here’s our take on some easy and practical ways for upskilling.

  1. Peer Networking Events and Forums: Based on your location, zero in on events that offer you networking opportunities. Time and money spent on such events is an excellent investment towards a fresh perspective on various challenges you may face in your business.
  2. Subject Matter Expert Sessions and Webinars: In-person or virtual sessions allow you to build knowledge on a particular subject like Best Interest duty, latest Mortgage Broking CRM, among other areas. In addition to in-depth insights, most sessions have a dedicated Q&A session, where you can ask for assistance or more clarity on an issue you are facing.
  3. Mentoring: If you are new to starting your own mortgage broking business, donning multiple hats of office manager, IT administrator, salesperson and marketer can get overwhelming. Here’s where the support of a mentor can be crucial. From getting your office up and running to building a referral list to fleshing out a business plan, guidance from the right mentor can make a massive difference. To know about the benefits of Mortgage Broker Mentoring, click HERE. On the other hand, if you already have an established business, consider becoming a mentor to a new entrant. It will provide you with an additional income source and keep you updated on the latest industry best practices and developments.
  4. Industry Body Membership: While this isn’t a legal requirement for being a mortgage broker, affiliation with an industry body like MFAA or FBAA will provide you access to updates on policy changes and best practices. Most Industry bodies also have mandatory requirements toward a certain number of hours dedicated to upskilling annually.
  5. Learning and Development (L&D) platform: Aggregators and Mortgage broking franchises usually offer this. The most significant benefit of an L&D platform is the streamlined approach it has towards upskilling. A good L&D platform will provide you with
    1. Multiple learning formats – events, webinars, blogs, video courses, whitepaper
    2. Monitor your progress – provide you with a dashboard view of how many sessions you’ve completed, recommendations on courses, as well as synchronisation of L&D events with your calendar.
    3. On the go learning – you can attend sessions anywhere, anytime on your computer or mobile device.

In addition to an L&D platform, a good mortgage franchise regularly organises networking events and sessions with subject matter experts. It also offers easy avenues for mentoring. Therefore, opting to be a part of a Mortgage franchise is the most straightforward approach to regular and adequate upskilling. To know more, reach us for a discussion by clicking HERE.