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A whopping 59.7% of all new residential home loans were settled by mortgage brokers during the first quarter of 2019 (Source: CoreLogic research, commissioned by MFAA).This figure is only expected to rise as more mortgage seekers rely on brokers for expert advice in the rapidly evolving home-loan landscape.

At Vow, we are focused on empowering you as a broker through our state-of-the-art CRM, dedicated in-house compliance support, a diverse range of lender options, flexible commission structures, and our leading learning and development platform. 

Vow Financial was formed in 2010 after several broker groups merged to create a new force in the industry. In 2014, Vow became part of the ASX-listed Yellow Brick Road Group and is now one of the largest aggregators in Australia with over 1200 brokers and total loan book in excess of $50.2 billion.

At Vow we recognise large sections of the market that are underserved. These include small business owners, self-employed professionals, borrowers with credit blemishes, or anyone unable to meet stringent lender requirements. We view this as an opportunity. Our extensive lender panel will allow you to meet your client’s diverse needs and build your revenue streams.

Vow offers an industry-leading CRM – Vownet – which has been developed on the premium Salestrekker platform. Vownet packs in some great features that let you automate a large chunk of the mortgage processes, freeing your time to focus on core business growth. Our industry-unparalleled compliance support is integrated into Vownet. Staying apprised of and adhering to the latest policies couldn’t get any easier!

Along with Vownet, you will have access to Vow’s in-house Compliance Team to assist and support you as a broker every step of the way. Vow also works closely with key industry bodies to ensure our brokers are fully informed of regulatory changes.

A broker’s ongoing development is also essential to ensure you grow as a trusted adviser to your clients. Our cutting-edge eLearning platform – Vow Professional – is designed to engage with brokers at every stage – from induction, through to loan selection, sales and marketing. Vow also conducts regular state-based professional development days, roadshows, and an annual national conference.

We hope that you find these business opportunities and growth avenues as exciting as we do. We look forward to seeing you realise your full potential by partnering with Vow!





Fulfil your professional requirements and stay abreast of all latest policy developments along with industry best practices. Enjoy a systematic trackable approach to paced learning through our multi-format platform you can access anywhere anytime. Some industry-leading features include:


We invest the time to understand your needs holistically and completely before asking questions. 

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