Donning multiple hats of office manager, sales, IT administrator, and marketing can sometimes become overwhelming for a small mortgage business setup. The most effective approach to succeeding at fulfilling multiple requirements of a small business is to chalk out an achievable roadmap and be consistent with its implementation. Among the many areas that would need your immediate attention, marketing is certainly an important one.  Make the most of your marketing initiatives with these four simple techniques.

  1. Word of Mouth: A happy customer is indeed the most genuine and effective brand ambassador that your business could benefit from. While the significance of excellent customer experience is a much-discussed topic, it is equally imperative to capture positive customer reviews. Here are some few simple methods.
    1. Get an email of customers’ experiences in their own words. Use this testimonial across digital media like your website, social media and other digital display channels (perhaps a TV at your reception). Also, look for photograph and video opportunities your customer consents to.
    2. Make capturing of feedback a part of your customer engagement process. Provide your customers with multiple opportunities. Some ways include an online feedback form or an email with online review platforms where they could share their feedback.
  1. Local Community Engagement: Building goodwill within your community is an important and necessary step to establish your reputation and brand. Sponsor local sporting activities and volunteer at local community events. Not only do these offer some promising value-for-money advertising avenues but also provide significant networking opportunities.
  1. Add value through content: Providing existing and prospective borrowers with valuable advice can help a lot in generating awareness of how you can add value and gaining their trust. Prospective customers usually tend to give their business to establishments that they believe are subject matter experts. A tried and tested approach to achieving this is to host information on most-asked client questions and researched topics on your website in the form of a blog. Look at posting a brief 500-word write-up on the most discussed client topics to your blog weekly.
  1. Social Media: It is one of the most versatile and affordable ways to engage with existing and prospective customers. Start by sharing valuable content that could contribute to a prospective borrower’s research by posting links to your blog articles. Even if you can’t develop your own content, share interesting content you find online. Try and keep your audience apprised of latest developments they could benefit from- like the launch of new government property grants or a decline in interest rates. Put in a little money by boosting content that performs well. Social Media is also a great place to share customer reviews and testimonials. Post positive feedback, photos and video of happy customers. Be as versatile as possible in post formats. Social Media is a visual platform, and posts with well-shot photographs and videos tend to perform better. Be consistent with your posting schedule. One post a week is the minimum level of social media activity you should aim for and gradually increase this as you get more comfortable. Finally, be sure to respond to all comments you receive online. Not only is it necessary for your social media presence, but it is also a great source of leads and customer enquiries.

If you are new to starting your own mortgage business and are a little wary of building your marketing efforts from scratch, consider a mortgage franchise of a leading national brand. In addition to benefiting from the brand’s national presence, the right mortgage franchise will also assist you with your day to day marketing efforts.

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