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The Australian Mortgage Broking sector is buoyant with Mortgage brokers settling approximately 59.7% of all new residential home loans during the first quarter of 2019 (Source: research by CoreLogic business, commissioned by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia – MFAA). Prospective and existing borrowers are looking out to the mortgage broking community more than ever to navigate the changing loan landscape in the wake of current circumstances. We at YBR are following a two-pronged approach to seize this market opportunity. 

The first is by offering borrowers greater customisation

Consumer demands are becoming increasingly refined, and despite the massive strides by the mortgage industry, there are sections of the market that remain under served. These are self-employed, small business owners, individuals with credit blemishes, or anyone who gets rejected by stringent lender requirements. Here lies a great opportunity. 

To us, your client is more than a file in the system. We invest time to analyse your client’s individual needs for the right product recommendation. Whether your client has a clean credit track record looking for best in the industry rates, is self-employed or a small business owner exploring minimal deposit options we are likely to have a solution that’ll address their specific challenge. By partnering with YBR, not only will you be able to deliver exceptional customer service but will also grow your business by catering to a reasonably untapped customer base. 

The second is a digitalised approach to understanding borrowers better. 

Digitalisation is driving customer experience. We have made significant investments in our digital capabilities to understand the borrower’s journey. We are relentlessly working towards providing better products, services along with impactful communication and engagement. An association with us gives you access to real actionable customer insights and feedback to grow your business. For instance, traditionally, a borrower’s details are captured at the point of the first contact. Digitalisation, on the other hand, maps this demand before any contact. By accessing and analysing borrower digital footprints, it’s possible to target a prospective borrower with the right messaging or product offering.

In terms of our value proposition as a franchise, we offer you the latest state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management system – Ynet2.0.

Ynet2.0 uses the premium Salestrekker platform. Efficacies built into Ynet2.0 save you hours on any mortgage process.

Our compliance support is one of the best in the industry. Rely on us to seamlessly stay atop the latest policy developments and changes. 

Our digitalised market approach is currently being offered by no else in the industry. It allows for laser-sharp targeting of prospective and existing borrowers with the right mix of national and local elements. Enjoy the benefits of a nationally trusted brand combined with the precision of a localised marketing plan customised to your specific branch needs.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these new possibilities and avenues for growth. We look forward to partnering with you for promising and exciting times ahead!


Mark Bouris
Executive Chairman,
Yellow Brick Road


Our meticulously planned marketing approach incorporates national, local and digital expertise for precise and targeted results. With a customised marketing plan tailored in close coordination with your YBR State manager and the YBR head office marketing team you get:


Strong Digital Capabilities: YBR has transformed itself into a financial technology company. In addition to a great brand and extensive branch network, we have been building our digital capabilities. Our digital approach to customer engagement is one of its kind in the Australian mortgage industry. For instance, while other lenders capture information about individual customers at the first point of contact, YBR deploys its digital assets and technology to understand customer needs before they speak to a broker. In addition to digital marketing support, we provide you with tangible metrics on:

Leads generated
Website traffic

Online customer engagement

Regularly monitor your progress and receive guidance on timely action.


Our digitalised approach towards learning and development allows you to fulfil professional requirements while staying updated on the latest developments and industry best practices. Take a systematic trackable approach to learn at your own pace with a host of formats you can access anywhere, anytime. With our state-of-the-art learning platform, you get access to:


After getting you up and running we continue to be there for you for day to day advice and support. We also help you navigate challenging times and crisis. Our extensive support infrastructure includes



We understand that each borrower is unique.

With us, you could be assured of long term, mutually beneficial client relationships based on honesty, reliability, and trust.

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