YBR Empowers Brokers

to succeed in the mortgage broking industry

Whether you’re an experienced broker with your own established brand seeking to become an aggregator or someone new to the brokering field interested in operating under a YBR Franchise, our commitment is to provide you with the support you need.

Start Your Career
Join a Franchise

Operate with the backing of the YBR brand with access to our robust lender panel, support infrastructure as well as industry-leading digital marketing efforts and leads.

Join an Industry Leading

Operate under your own brand with access to our diverse lender panel and award-winning support infrastructure. Reach your full potential with unparalleled competitive advantages.

Need Help with Choosing?
Not Sure?

Unsure of which model will work best for you? Don't worry! Reach out to us and we will assist you in making an informed decision that is best for you and your future.

Why Join Us?


We are continually pushing boundaries and staying at the forefront of innovation, offering brokers inclusive mortgage solutions and a digitalised approach to customer acquisition.

Customer centric

Personalising the customer experience is central to everything we do.


We believe in nurturing and equipping our network with the best possible guidance, support and infrastructure. No matter how small or large your ask, be assured that we’ll strive to fulfil your needs.

Trusted Brand

Build your business on the foundation of a trusted national brand with a robust broker network and diverse lender panel.

State of the art CRM

Use our industry- leading CRM to automate mortgage processes so that you can focus on core growth.

Transparent Commissions

Enjoy benefits of one of the most favourable broker commission structures in the industry.

What it takes to be a great mortgage broker?

People skills

The ability to empathize and put yourself in your client’s shoes to understand their challenges and aspirations.


It’s all about scoping the mortgage landscape and being innovative in your perspective on possible solutions that work best for your client.


Building relationships with your clients while continually developing your knowledge takes time and commitment.