Social media is a cost-effective and versatile platform that is an excellent starting point for your marketing efforts as a small business. Staying active on social media requires the regular posting of relevant content. This is where a lot of small businesses draw a blank. And if you’re a small establishment with one team member donning multiple hats of sales, marketing, product and compliance things can get a little challenging. The easiest approach to staying active on social media is planning and working with a content calendar. Here’s a list of 14 content ideas! Pick and choose 7-10 and get cracking with building a weekly posting schedule for best results.

  1. Client testimonials: Nothing is more effective or genuine than the feedback of a happy client. Make sure to give happy customers every opportunity to share their feedback with you through online forms and forums. Getting them to post and resharing their posts delivers the best results. In case you are not able to get them to post, you can directly post their feedback on your social media profiles. However, do get relevant permission to share their feedback and other content like photographs, before posting.
  2. Successful Clients cases: Share successful deal closures and loan settlements. The more challenging the case, the better story you’ll be able to create for social media. As always, seek necessary client permissions before sharing.
  3. Local Holidays: Be sure to make a mention of and share local holidays on your social media profile. It provides a great opportunity to showcase your commitment and support to the local community.
  4. Local Events: Get involved in local events. This could range from local sports activities to hobby clubs. In addition to providing you with some good avenues for networking it also makes for some great photo opportunities. Also, explore sponsorship opportunities at such events. They are a very cost-effective way of establishing your presence. Further, a photograph of your brand at a local event could do wonders for boosting awareness.
  5. New Products and Services: This could be something as simple as diversification of your service and product portfolio. Some examples are the introduction of a unique home loan product with a very low LVR, or perhaps a fixed-rate loan with a higher than normal fixed-rate period.
  6. Branch updates: This includes the opening of a new branch or relocation or expansion of your office. Branch Anniversary is another example in this category.
  7. Federal and State Government Initiatives: The mortgage landscape is complex. Information on favourable government schemes, grants and incentives along with interest rate cuts will be appreciated immensely by your prospective clients. Ideally, you should create a blog or article on what the incentive/scheme/grant means for the borrower. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit this, begin by commenting and sharing such content from reliable sources like a leading news publication. Do make sure to give due credit and cite the correct source at the time of sharing.
  8. Government policies: Keep your followers abreast of how government policy changes will impact them. Once again, look at building your own blog around it. If you can’t author your own content, then reshare the comments and opinions of relevant subject matter experts.
  9. International days: Keep track of important world days like International’s women’s day, earth day among others. Use your social media posts to express support for the cause.
  10. National and public holidays: Put up relevant tiles and posts for National occasions like Australia Day, New year, Christmas, Remembrance Day etc.
  11. Mortgage Statistics: People love interesting numbers. Follow Industry bodies and real estate research firms for some statistics you could share and comment on.
  12. Mortgage terms: Provide definitions of commonly used Mortgage jargon like LVR, LMI among others
  13. Motivational Quotes: Share inspiring quotes of celebrities. Monday is a great day for motivational quotes.
  14. Aspirational content: Aspirational content in form of luxury homes or unique properties not only make for enticing posts they also get people in touch with their own property aspirations.

If you still find it hard to initiate and manage your marketing activities, consider opting for a franchise of a leading mortgage firm. Not only would such an arrangement allow you to benefit from the identity of an established brand, but you will also receive adequate marketing support comprising of a balance of offline and online marketing activities.

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