Cyber Security Tips for your mortgage Business

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic as remote working continues to become the norm, staying atop cybersecurity measures couldn’t be more urgent. Here are a few easy ways to keep your business protected.

1 Make it part of your business culture

Whether you are a single person setup or have multiple team members, focus on imbibing IT best practices into day to day working.

  • Team members should avoid visiting malicious sites
  • Be vigilant about device safety
  • You or your team should not share unnecessary information that may lead to an IT breach
  • Attend regular cybersecurity training and stay atop the latest developments in the
  • Immediately bring any breeches to light so for timely action.

2 Training

  • Make sure that you and your team receive time training on IT best practices on
    • Passwords
    • System updates
    • Device Security
    • Malicious sites, emails, Apps and SMSs
    • Plan of action and next steps in case of a breach
  • Make Cyber Security training mandatory.
  • Run IT drills and test team awareness.
  • Regularly circulate any information on cybersecurity scams and fraudulent activity so that you and your team know what to stay clear of.
  • Also, communicate your cybersecurity needs to external vendors and make sure they comply.

3 Invest in a good Firewall

  • A good Firewall is not a luxury but a necessity and foundation of your cybersecurity practices. Select a good provider that offers adequate protection. Disable staff from deactivating your firewall. Adequately protect all mobile devices with reliable anti-virus software.

4 Ensure your software is updated

  • In addition to ensuring the smooth functioning of applications and systems, software updates are also crucial for cybersecurity. Despite automatic system updates, regularly check if your system is the latest version. Also, all applications and software should have the latest updates.

5 Restrict Network Access

  • Not all team members need to access all parts of your network or all company digital assets. Set up access as per the team members’ job needs.
  • Implement a virtual private network for team members to boost security further.
  • Restrict access to specific websites and app downloads to protect your network.
  • Allow password enabled access to your company Wi-Fi.
  • If possible, maintain a different network for guests and walk-ins.

6 Back-up your data

  • Adequately back up all your files and data. You can do this through a cloud or a different physical backup source like hard drives.
  • There is a range of affordable and reliable cloud service providers you can choose from for backup cloud services.
  • The objective here is to ensure that you can up and running in case of physical damage to your devices or corruption of files.

7 Device Safety

Often, a lot of businesses neglect the physical safety of devices.

  • Password protect all your devices so that data from them can’t be accessed in case of a theft
  • Train staff to be vigilant about their devices to prevent theft or unauthorised access
  • If you have a server room, ensure that its access is restricted to key personnel

If you are part of a franchise model, you will receive regular training and IT infrastructure support to keep your business protected. Click HERE to reach us for a chat.

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