Much has been spoken about the immense benefits of working remotely in terms of efficiency and cost savings, but is this equally valid for a small business like a local mortgage establishment? It’s great to be available for your clients online, but there are certain benefits that only a physical set up can provide. Let’s take a quick peek at how having a Bricks and Mortar set up can benefit your business.

  • Build trust with a professional look: A home loan is one of the most significant financial commitments your client is likely to make. In addition to your level of knowledge and expertise, a professional-looking setup are imperative in building the trust of prospective customers.
  • Marketing Benefits: A professional setup does two crucial things for a business from a marketing point of view. Firstly, a physical presence aids brand recall. A well- designed and branded office can help immensely in establishing your brand. Secondly, it also an indication of how well your business is doing. A classy office is likely to make prospective customers believe that not only is your business thriving, but you are also very good at what you do.
  • The right environment for a discussion: Mortgage is a technical and dry subject. A lot of your clients would need a lot of handholding and education to help them make the right decision. Having such an information-packed conversation at a client home with distractions of children and pets could be quite tedious. And while a discussion at a coffee shop may be slightly better, nothing can beat the calm and focus of well-equipped office space. So, while giving prospective and existing clients necessary online tools and support are imperative, some discussions need to be face-to-face in a suitable environment. This is true not just for your clients but also for staff you may look to hire as your business grows.
  • Commitment: If you are looking to work and become a part of the local community, having a physical presence shows how committed and invested you are as a local business owner. This in turn will also contribute to a good reputation and image.

If you are unsure of how to go about setting up a bricks and mortar presence of your own, you can rely on an architect as well as design and marketing agencies to help you with the nitty-gritty. There is a lot of reliable advice online as well, but finding the right solution suited to your specific need could be time-consuming and challenging. Alternatively, you could consider buying the franchise of a leading mortgage brand that would provide you with all details on your establishment layout, brand and overall look. Not only would it be straight forward and hassle-free, but you would also benefit immensely from the identity of an already established brand. If you choose to go the franchise route, be sure to choose a brand that not only has a strong recall and national presence but would provide you with end to end assistance on setting up your own physical presence. Reach us for a free consultation on the best way forward as per your circumstances.