With the second lockdown in effect in NSW, mastering your remote working process is essential for ensuring that you and your team are fully equipped to support clients during this challenging time. Here’s a quick look at some practical and easy steps you could consider for optimising remote working.

Proactive communication: Boost the frequency of your communication to make up for the lack of in-person interaction. According to your team’s bandwidth and clients’ needs, zero in on a schedule for proactive client emails, phone calls and video interactions. Make this a part of your team’s routine. Proactively reach out to clients and reassure them that the current situation isn’t going to impact the level of service. Create an email template and a call script your team could use while engaging with customers. Manage your team with regular virtual morning meetings and project management tools like Trello, Monday.com, Jira, among others, to stay on track. Invest the time in creating an achievable day-to-day plan and help your team stick with their schedules.

Remote working arrangements: Get everyone up to speed on collaborative tech. Your clients and team members come from diverse backgrounds and demographics. It is imperative to understand that not everyone is tech-savvy. Walk your clients through virtual collaboration processes and be patient. Ensure that you have adequate video conferencing, digital verification, and e-signature infrastructure to ensure no decline in your servicing capabilities.

Stay updated on lockdown developments: The post COVID mortgage landscape has evolved a lot. Regularly monitor and follow updates on lockdown related lender and government assistance measures. This will equip you to answer client queries and make your team’s interactions with clients a lot easier. Cultivate a deeper understanding of announced initiatives and updates by reaching out to and discussing them with your peers.

Regularly gauge client and employee circumstances: The circumstances of each borrower are unique. Regularly assess customer circumstances to understand if they need any lender assistance. Timely lender assistance can significantly lower changes of missing mortgage repayments. As for your team members, in addition to day-to-day work-related conversations, have regular video interactions to ascertain wellbeing. Maintain transparency, be approachable and encourage team members to reach out to you in case of any concern. Nip a potential issue in the bud before it snowballs into something unmanageable.

A good franchise or aggregator model provides regular guidance and support, especially during challenging circumstances of the current lockdown. To reach us for a discussion, click HERE.