“Tremendous Success”: Record Surge in Platform finance deals through YBR Group

YBR and VOW continue to show spectacular results in the commercial lending markets, recording its largest settlement month through the Group’s partnership with Platform Finance. 

Speaking to the continued success of both VOW and YBR Brokers in utilising the partnership with Platform Finance, Vow’s Head of Distribution, Leith Wickstein, said, “We have worked very hard over the past 4 years to form and build a solid relationship with the team at Platform Finance.”

Mr Wickstein said that the addition of Platform Finance has been a major contributor to the recent success of the broker network, “despite the uncertainty and challenges being experienced in the residential market.”

“Our growth in Asset Finance as a Group has been exceptional and we’re continuing to show some really strong results. A big part of that is our partnership with Platform Finance who not only fit perfectly into the culture of our network, but have been a valuable addition for our brokers.”

“Commercial lending is an area of growth across the YBR & Vow group, and our partnership with Platform finance, as well as the appointment of iDutch to our formal panel reflects our commitment to ensuring our broker network can provide a comprehensive suite of finance solutions.” 

Platform Finance Head of Strategic Partnerships, Damian Mantini, said that the partnership has been a “tremendous success”.

“Both businesses have been working closely together on the strategic plan, resulting in 40% growth in settlements in the last 18 months.” 

“We have spent considerable time working with the brokers in the network to help them understand the concepts of asset finance. Furthermore, the Leadership Team at YBR & VOW, through their support and messaging, have been integral in assisting the brokers to diversify and expand their offering.”

Mantini said they are anticipating a surge in the Asset Finance space over the next three to four months: “With the Instant Asset Write Off combined with the end of financial year tax time rolling around, not to mention the rising rate environment, customers are looking for options. Our continued partnership enables us to provide suitable options to customers and truly allow the VOW & YBR brokers to meet the needs of a broad range of customers.”

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