10th Annual YBR and Vow Commercial Conference

Celebrating 10 years together

Records have tumbled in the Commercial Lending Industry throughout the YBR Network, as the importance of commercial lending to Australian consumers continues to grow. This was evident at the 10th annual YBR and Vow Commercial Conference which shifted from the shores of Queenstown in 2023, to the sunny Adelaide.

Commercial and asset financing continues to see significant growth in the face of ever expanding opportunities in the lending and brokering services. This is evident in the yearly broadening of the size and scale of YBR’s Commercial Conferences, where our broker network is able to gather together and celebrate the accomplishments of our ever-expanding YBR and Vow family.

Over the course of the Conference, our brokers took advantage of the location, sharing knowledge and connecting with industry partners, lenders and experts from across the Commercial finance industry. 

Highlights from the 2024 YBR & Vow Commercial Conference

General Manager of Sales & Distribution, Neil Peters, said this year’s event was “truly a milestone celebration.”

“We went to great lengths to ensure we marked a decade of growth and success in the right way. The results of the previous year, and the upward trend in growth that we’ve seen consistently over a decade, demands that these Conferences continue to grow in importance and size.”

“It’s thanks to our lender partners and sponsors who make such a Conference achievable, but also to our brokers, event organisers and guests, who participate in so many positive ways.”

“The insights gained from the workshops and the chance to discuss current trends with lenders and experts have been invaluable for all.”

The conference also provided a platform for the community to celebrate their achievements and reward the stand-out successes of colleagues, before leaving re-energised and motivated for another brilliant year.

Commercial Lending: A Growth Trajectory

Brokers continue to build their role in the commercial lending market, making conferences such as the YBR and Vow Commercial Conference an important event for all attending.

“10 years is a significant achievement for the business. It reflects the growth and support from our lender partners as well, to continue to make these events what they are.” Glenn Mitchell, Head of Commercial and Equipment Finance at Vow said.

“Five years ago, brokers settled around 15% of the commercial lending market. It’s now 40% and growing.”

“So the trajectory of growth will get to the stage where commercial is just as important as residential products for borrowers, with the evolution of different products coming into the marketplace and different kinds of providers coming into the marketplace to give more avenues.”

“We’ve seen a 25% growth in settlement volumes in just the past five years. And we’ve been very fortunate as a Group to sign up many new players that are growing in this space, that have adapted to the commercial markets quite easily.”

Phenomenal speakers brought their knowledge of the industry to the conference, informing brokers on a wide array of topics, from property market and economic analysis, to personal development strategies. Brokers were able to engage with partners to discuss new product features and the litany of ways in which the industry can continue to provide solutions to everyday Australians. 

Celebrating the YBR and Vow Members who have attended all 10 Conferences.

“This conference allows our already talented brokers to gather the knowledge of product changes in the marketplace because there are so many different loan providers and service providers coming into the market. This gives our brokers the unique opportunity to really stay on top of their game against the competitors,” said Mitchell.

“This in turn means our brokers can deliver more quality to the borrowers. The more knowledgeable our brokers are, the more seamless a borrower’s experience can be.”

Recognising Success

With so many strong performers, we wanted to again recognise and celebrate the exceptional efforts of the top performing brokers across the YBR Group in the last 12 months.

Congratulations to the following award winners who showcase the incredible hard work and expertise in supporting the commercial lending needs of their customers: 

VOW Financial Equipment & Finance Loan Writer of the Year 2024 – Mehmet Yasar, Loan WA.

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – WA: Pacific Finance Australia

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – TAS: Finance Brokers of Tasmania

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – VIC: Rebo Capital

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – NSW/ACT: MY LENDR & Peoples Mortgage

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – QLD/NT: Brisbane Finance Group

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – SA: YBR Brighton

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – NSW: YBR Leppington

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – VIC: YBR Rosanna

Vow Financial Commercial Ambassador Award 2024 – Darren Goodman Pro Lease

YBR Commercial Ambassador Award 2024 – Peter Khoury YBR Dulwich Hill

YBR Group Appreciation Service Award 2024 – Peter White AM (FBAA)

Vow/YBR Commercial BDM of the Year 2024 – Angelina Bernal Westpac 

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2024 – National: Rebo Capital

Congratulations to all, both nominated and winners!

A Unique Opportunity

The YBR and Vow Commercial Conference 2024 was a fantastic week of shared networking and an important opportunity to reflect on how far commercial and asset financing has come in the last 10 years. 

Ending on a high note, Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of YBR Home Loans, shared his thoughts after 10 years of Commercial Conference events. 

“It’s our family, it’s our community,” Mark said.

“I hope you can recognise how important these events are for yourself, not just to run a better business, but for yourself.”

In keeping with this spirit, two takeaways from the inspirational Dr Richard Harris stay with us as we travel towards the YBR and Vow Commercial Conference 2025.

“Embrace discomfort and a bit of risk, don’t shy away from things that are difficult or frighten you.”

“And remember”, he says, “Take time for yourself away from work, invest in yourself a little bit because it makes you a much better person.”

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