Scaling New Heights: Insights from the Annual Commercial Conference

The number of new brokers diversifying their service offerings into commercial lending has reached record levels in Australia this year, with the YBR and Vow Group achieving its own record-setting growth in commercial lending settlements.

YBR Home Loans Head of Distribution, Travis Hall, recently said that the Group has experienced “extensive growth in the Commercial and Asset Finance space over the past three years which is no fluke. Training, mentoring and strategic partnerships have contributed to our recent success, but we know that there are boundless opportunities in the commercial lending space. It will continue to be a crucial part of our Group’s focus.”

The annual Commercial Conference, was recently held in Queenstown, New Zealand, for the ninth successive year.

In recognition of the recent success, this year’s conference was themed “scaling new heights”, and in its first international destination, the conference had its largest number of attendees and sponsors.

The talented network of YBR and Vow mortgage brokers gathered for several days to share knowledge, connect with like-minded industry partners, and recognise the success of those who performed outstandingly over the past year.

The Importance of a National Conference

Commercial lending can often be a catch-all term that encompasses lending to small businesses, personal loans, asset and equipment finance loans, business loans and much more.

Brokers play a critical role in the industry, as Commercial lending provides an invaluable service, allowing funds to flow into areas that may not have access to capital from more traditional lenders.

With a record number of attendees and sponsorship, the 2023 Commercial Conference vindicated the YBR and Vow Group’s investment into the sector.

“The energy level around the conference from the opening night was one of extreme excitement,” said Vow’s Head of Commercial and Equipment Finance, Glenn Mitchell. 

“Lenders, sponsors and brokers all came together to engage and learn from one another, whilst celebrating the successes of outstanding individuals.”

“We believe our commercial conferences are second to none in the industry. Our expert panels and high-quality presenters give our brokers insight and knowledge that aren’t normally accessible.”

“These events help brokers diversify their service offerings, gain access to new products and ensure they can continue to offer a best-in-class service in the commercial lending space.”

Mitchell also pointed out that conference events provide an opportunity for brokers to interact directly with lenders and their representatives, “to better understand the product offerings from lenders as well as their enhancements in credit policies, all to make sure our brokers can be better equipped to guide customers during their finance journey.”

“Each day was jam-packed with amazing presenters who informed our brokers on relevant industry matters.”

The 2023 Commercial Conference featured the likes of Anja Pannek (CEO, MFAA), Peter White (Managing Director, FBAA), Greg Sugars (CEO, PRP), Sarah Wells (The Successful Adviser), Peter Switzer (Economist and TV presenter), Mark Bouris (Executive Chairman of YBR Home Loans) and many more.

Head of Vow, Leith Wickstein said there was an enormous “buzz of excitement” around the 2023 commercial conference.

“The content of the conference was on point in terms of educational opportunities to the delegates who broadened their knowledge on the state of the market, industry regulation, the commercial property market and the economic environment.”

“These types of educational opportunities are few and far between, so we knew as a Group, the importance of hosting an event that offered a chance for our brokers to celebrate as well as expand their knowledge.”

Wickstein also highlighted that YBR and Vow are one of the fastest-growing aggregators in the Commercial, Equipment Finance and Cash flow lending markets because of their commitment to the sector and “because of the tireless efforts of our fantastic broker network.”

“Our success is down to three components,” Wickstein said, “Our broker recruitment has been excellent over the past 18 months particularly. We’ve focused heavily on attracting talented and committed brokers who have experience in these markets.”

“Secondly, we’ve significantly invested in training and education of products to our existing brokers that have mainly operated in Residential markets.”

“Finally, we’ve been able to increase new business to our experienced loan writers already operating in these markets. The Group has experienced several years of steady success, and we’re always looking at ways to support our brokers and lender partners to grow together. We recently put our first cohort through a sponsored Commercial training course through Earlypay, so we’re hoping to see that group grow into the commercial and asset finance side of our business.”

Recognition and Reward are Crucial

The conference also presents a wonderful opportunity to recognise and reward those in our organisation that have achieved outstanding results in the past year. These achievements highlight the dedication, expertise, and commitment our YBR & VOW brokers have shown in our commercial finance activity. 

Congratulations to the following award winners from the night:

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – VIC: YBR Rosanna, Andrew Kalogirou

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – NSW: YBR Leppington, Dion Villiers & Mel Falanga

YBR Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – SA: YBR Brighton, Andrew Mudie

YBR Commercial Ambassador Award 2023: James Candrick, YBR Balmain

Vow Financial Equipment & Finance Loan Writer of the Year 2023: Luke Natoli – Loan WA.

Vow Financial Commercial Ambassador Award 2023: Robert Ward

VOW Financial Commercial BDM of the Year 2023: Gabrielle AounORDE Financial

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – WA: Pacific Finance Australia

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – SA: Matt Beasley – CFA Finance

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – VIC: Steve Dimer – Pluto Capital Australia

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – TAS: Lance Cure – Finance Brokers Tasmania

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – NSW/ACT: Domenic Romero – LCI Financial Services

Vow Financial Commercial Broker Group Partner of the Year 2023 – QLD/NT: Gene Lambert – Brisbane Finance Group

Where to Next

Wickstein said, “Our group is confident of continued growth in these markets. We truly appreciate our lender sponsors for their support in making these events possible.”

“Our brokers and loan writers have already expressed their gratitude for another wonderful conference. It was inspiring to see them supporting each other and freely sharing ideas that assist in their continued business growth.”

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