Boosting Broker Success: How YBR’s Leads offering is unmatched in the industry

Yellow Brick Road Home Loans has committed in recent years to providing a digital-first approach in the mortgage broking industry, particularly when it comes to the tools available to YBR’s brokers.

With better technology at their fingertips, YBR brokers can provide an unparalleled service to their hard-working customers and reduce their admin work.

With this in mind, earlier this year, YBR upgraded their leads automation and expanded their digital channels, which has improved the quality of leads being provided to brokers, and the efficiency with which brokers can manage their leads.

YBR’s Chief Digital Officer, Kevin Mangano on the Broker Room Podcast

The YBR leads automation enables our brokers to be notified of new leads via email and text, with the broker able to accept the lead via a simple reply function. It’s then automatically entered into our custom CRM where the broker can manage the lead for the entirety of that customer’s journey.

A timely response is a vital part of the process in the brokerage industry because, as YBR Executive Chairman Mark Bouris says, “The conversion rate of leads is significantly reduced after two hour passes from the lead coming in” adding, “YBR has built a strong reputation as being one of the industry leaders in terms of response times.”

“Everyone at YBR Home Loans shares a core belief that all Australians deserve access to quality, affordable financial services and advice.”

“To do this, we had to ensure our brokers could respond to leads promptly, and nurture that client with a digital-first approach. ”

Since the update, YBR brokers have reported that not only has their lead uptake increased substantially, but they are now seeing a greater conversion rate as well. Brokers have noted that the system is more efficient and is saving them time, while providing customers with a better service experience.

A YBR Broker of 10 years, says she is pleased with the ease of access and improvements her branch is experiencing, saying, “We have definitely noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the leads.”

“With the updates, it has been easier than ever to accept a lead no matter where you are and to read the basic information needed to make contact with a potential client.”

She adds that they “have seen an uplift in applications submitted and we’ve found the majority of the leads that are responding and are engaged with us.”

“We have invested a lot of time into responding to the leads received and have found that a large number of the leads are wanting assistance of some kind whether it be imminent or future lending. When we make contact, the majority of the leads are responding and they are getting back to us with a phone call or an email, they have a goal in mind, and are engaged with us.”

Kevin Mangano, Chief Digital Officer at YBR, is enthusiastic about the new development and YBR’s active approach to embracing improvements.

“We’re on a long term program to innovate our offering to brokers and through them, provide a better service to customers. We are attempting to get closer to the customer in everything we do, and that’s really a driving mission of ours – to be the best in the industry.”

“No one is more driven at the moment to make the franchise offering the best in the business.”

“We wanted to reduce the administrative workload on our brokers,” he says, “They get notified in multiple channels when we find a lead for them and it’s not just a notification of a name and a number, there’s detailed information provided to our brokers to be able to approach a lead, armed with the necessary information. To me that’s amazing – that’s sending gold to brokers.”

The improvements to YBR’s leads automation comes at a crucial time for borrowers and brokers alike. With current market conditions, competition is intensifying on all fronts. Brokers are being challenged now more than ever to stay on top of their game and respond quickly to incoming leads.

Mangano says, “The enhancement of our technology equips our brokers to efficiently manage and act upon quality leads, giving them a competitive edge in the evolving marketplace. These enhancements to our leads automation is another testament to YBR’s leadership in this space.”

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