“Boundless Opportunities”: YBR and VOW Financial Continue Commercial Lending Growth

YBR and Vow Financial have much to celebrate after a record-breaking end to 2022, and the commencement of multiple partnerships in 2023, strengthening the aggregator and franchise network’s commitment to Commercial lending.

December 2022 saw YBR and VOW end the year with a record month for Equipment Finance deals via the Platform Finance program.

The momentum has flowed into 2023, as YBR & VOW announced its partnership with Earlypay to launch the Earlypay/YBR Group Commercial Lending Scholarship Program. The scholarship will provide valuable support for individuals looking to break into the Commercial/Cash Flow and Equipment Finance product markets.

YBR and VOW also welcomed iDutch onto their formal lending panel in March 2023, this model enables brokers full access to approved Private Lenders under the iDutch program.

Head of Commercial & Equipment Finance for YBR Group, Glenn Mitchell, stated he was very proud of the work done to build out many achievements over the past 12 months in both recruitment and also new initiatives focused on broker training and increasing product access for brokers.

These developments mark a significant milestone in the success of YBR and Vow Financial’s Commercial lending operations, allowing the vast network of mortgage brokers greater access to funding sources and further strengthens their position as one of Australia’s fastest growing aggregators in these markets.

YBR’s Head of Distribution, Travis Hall, said that the Group has experienced “extensive growth in the Commercial and Asset Finance space over the past three years.”

The success of YBR & VOW’s commercial lending numbers is no fluke, according to Mr Hall, who highlighted that the Group’s recent results is vindication for their firm belief in ensuring the network can meet the needs of any customer.

“Training, mentoring and strategic partnerships have contributed to our recent success, but we know that there are boundless opportunities in the commercial lending space. It will continue to be a crucial part of our Group’s focus.”

“It is integral for experienced brokers to consider providing a holistic finance approach to meet our customer’s needs, and not only our results through Platform Finance, but also the announcements we’ve made in 2023 evidence the YBR Group’s commitment to being a first-in-class option to assist customers with all of their finance needs,” said Mr Hall.

“A number of YBR and Vow Brokers are now completing Commercial Lending Scholarships to enhance the expert advice they can provide. YBR Group is placing significant value on our network being able to help customers with their Commercial, Agricultural, Asset and SME type funding.”

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