Launch of Earlypay Commercial Lending Scholarship Program

Earlypay, alongside YBR and VOW Group, has launched the Earlypay Commercial Lending Scholarship Program which will provide valuable support for individuals looking to break into the finance industry and position themselves as commercial finance specialists.

The course will equip commercial finance brokers with the knowledge to identify, structure, and implement innovative finance solutions for Australian businesses whilst developing their professional skills to gain a competitive edge in the business finance world.

Head of Distribution for VOW, Leith Wickstein said, “VOW and YBR are passionate about supporting and empowering brokers through Earlypay’s learning and development platform, their state-of-the-art CRM, and hands-on assistance.”

“By joining forces with Earlypay, the YBR and VOW Group will be helping brokers strengthen their knowledge base — reinforcing our brokers’ potential and position in the market, with the benefits flowing directly to Australian SMEs.”

The online program consists of 13 modules in total spread across 11 weeks, with three delivered by Accendo, and will provide brokers with intensive mentoring and support throughout.

Donelle Brooks, Earlpay’s national partnerships manager said the program will provide “critical hands-on practical training and learning”.

“The [models] are interactive, include great case studies and also enable ongoing assessment of learner performance through activities, decision points and quizzes,” she said.

The program is acknowledged by both peak industry bodies, the MFAA and FBAA, who have allocated 12.5 hours to the program for continuing professional development (CPD).

Ms Brooks said, “We want to support professionals who want to be part of the new breed of commercial finance specialists, which means understanding all types of business finance solutions.”

“It’s a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to position themselves as an industry-leading commercial broker.”

In exciting news, Early Pay and YBR and VOW Group are heavily subsidising this course for YBR and Vow Brokers, restricted to the first 40 to register at a cost of $250 per broker.

Given the complicated environment in the residential markets currently, and the opportunities presented by the Commercial Finance space, Mr Wickstein said that the Group is doing all it can “to support our brokers and ensure that they have a breadth of knowledge to be able to assist customers in the commercial product markets.”

Learn more about this unique opportunity here.

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